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“They Made My Feet Look Fat”

February 18, 2016 in Uncategorized - No Comments
Image from Unsplash by Kyle Anderson
Image from Unsplash by Kyle Anderson


The other day I was doing some online shopping looking for a new pair of black ballet flats for work. I gave up wearing heels years ago when I switched to a job that doesn’t require that I wear a suit every day. Now I just try to make sure I find a pair of flats that look work appropriate and that I can wear all day with minimal discomfort.


I was browsing the reviews on a site for a pair of shoes that caught my eye and the first review I saw said something along the lines of “These shoes were so cute online and they were really comfortable to wear, but they made my feet look fat when I put them on so I had to return them.” All I could think was “REALLY?! That’s something I need to consider when buying shoes now?!” I don’t know about you, but for me, finding a pair of shoes that are not only cute but also comfortable is so rare that I couldn’t imagine passing them up.

I understand wanting to have flattering or “sexy” shoes, especially when it comes to picking out a pair of wedges or heels. I always look for a pair that will make my legs look longer and thinner. I however do not get the concern about ballet flats making my feet look wide or fat.


Maybe I simply don’t care as much as I should about those kinds of things, and foot fatness or slimness is actually a real issue out there. I just think we already give ourselves a hard enough time worrying about the rest of our body, why add another concern. I mean, on a regular day I already worry if my face, neck, arms, back, stomach, legs, and butt look fat. It’s enough to make the most confident girl doubt herself. Do we need to add another body part that isn’t even in the general eye line of others to that list? I mean, do people actually walk around looking to see if someone else’s feet look fat in their ballet flats?


I wish we could all be less critical of yourselves, especially when it comes to things that I think most others would never even notice or look at. Can we please give ourselves a break?

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