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The Time We Went To The Pumpkin Patch

October 19, 2013 in Atlanta, Fall - No Comments

Over the last couple weeks David has been raving about a pumpkin patch he heard about from some friends. We finally found time to go this weekend and it was a blast. Yule Forest is in Stockbridge, Georgia, just outside Atlanta. It took us about 30 minutes to get there and was absolutely worth the drive, so if you are in the Atlanta area I definitely recommend going.


We went on Saturday afternoon once I’d started to feel better from my food poisoning. It was a bit drizzly, so some of the attractions were closed, but neither of us was too upset we couldn’t jump in the bouncy castle.


We took an interesting, but fun hayride, complete with wooden cutouts of just about every cartoon character you can think of. It took us through a wooded area, and ended at the a petting zoo. Usually petting zoos make me sad because the animals are in tiny little cages, look miserable, and are allowed to be abused by children who don’t understand how to be gentle. This petting zoo was actually a working farm, the animals had large areas to roam and seemed happy. Plus they could get away from not-so-nice kids. I love animals of all types, and spent a lot of time as a kid at horse stables, so I feel pretty at home on an animal farm. I loved the petting zoo. Poor David was patient while I had to make sure to visit and feed every animal. My favorites were definitely the goats. Goats always make me laugh and are such funny little creatures.


This guy clearly has the same taste in purses that I do.


This one tried to eat (steal) my bracelet.


There was also a cow, miniature donkeys, miniature horses, three full size horses, pigs, chickens, and an emu. The Emu is the only animal I wouldn’t go near. I hear they can be aggressive, spit, and peck pretty hard. Plus I thought he was eying me funny, so I kept my distance.


The Shifty Looking Emu


I really miss riding and being around horses.


I LOVE chickens and these ones were so funny looking!


This guy had amazing bangs.


One of the things I was most excited to see at Yule Forest after visiting the website and reading the reviews was the talking chickens. They advertise a talking chicken show, and since I love chickens, I couldn’t wait to find out what a talking chicken show was. I was so excited, I kept trying to get David to guess with me what it could be the whole way there. I assumed it was probably a bunch of chickens that had been trained to do tricks and bawk on command. I was sadly mistaken.



Turns out the talking chicken show is this creepy little shack with dead stuffed chickens and a creepy mannequin that talk out of speakers. Seriously?! To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I didn’t even want to get close enough to take this picture I was so creeped out but David made me after all the talk he heard about the talking chicken show leading up to this moment.



Next, it was time to finally go pick our pumpkin. Yule Forest is apparently the only pumpkin patch in Georgia where you can actually go through the patch and cut your own pumpkin off the vine. It was a fun experience. The patch was pretty big and to find a good pumpkin we ended up having to trek through the vines. David of course had to have the PERFECT pumpkin so I let him pick one out that met his standards.



Our pumpkin on the vine. I let David cut it, since I had no interest in touching the stem with all the tiny little thorns.



Our pumpkin! We named him Jimbo. Now we just have to figure out what to carve into him. I voted for a Hello Kitty Halloween stencil (obviously the best choice) but realized that wasn’t fair since Jimbo is half David’s pumpkin also. They told us to wait until next weekend to carve it if we want to it last through Halloween, so we have a week to decide.


After the pumpkin patch, David and I watched FSU DESTROY Clemson, which only made my day better.


All, in all, it was a great weekend

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