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Road Trip To Athens

August 23, 2016 in Travel - No Comments

Last weekend David and I loaded into a van with five friends and we headed to Athens for the night. We went with the express purpose of trying out two of the breweries there, but I was also pretty excited to see the city after hearing amazing things from my friends that went to UGA. Thankfully Athens is only a little over an hour from Atlanta because 7 adults in a mini-van was a tight squeeze.


Road Trip To Athens

We started off our brewery adventure at Terrapin, I haven’t been a huge fan of Terrapin in the past, but I was excited when I saw what a huge selection of beers they had to choose from. There were more than 10 beers on tap and there were even 3 stout beers for me to try. I’m a fan of heavy stouts and I was a huge fan of the Wake-n-Bake.


Road Trip To Athens


I was careful to pace myself at Terrapin because we still had a second brewery to try. Plus the Wake-n-Bake is a 9.4% ABV beer, so I had to take it slow if I wanted to actually enjoy the rest of the night.


Before heading to the next brewery we stopped off for some BBQ at Dawg Gone Good BBQ. It was a no-frills place and we all agreed the mac and cheese was among the best any of us had ever had. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are ever in Athens.


The next brewery was conveniently across the street from the BBQ spot, so after stuffing our faces, we walked on over to try out Creature Comforts. I was told that their beers are in such high demand that they are difficult to find in Atlanta and often you can only buy one beer rather than an entire six pack. Needless to say, the Creature Comfort fans in our group were excited to get their fill at the brewery.


Road Trip To Athens


Creature Comforts had a nicer atmosphere and ambiance than Terrapin, but otherwise it was a letdown for me. It was more expensive than Terrapin and it only had 5 beers on tap. One of those beers was so sour that none of us could finish our sampling. The Tropicalia was pretty good, but overall, I enjoyed the beers at Terrapin much more.


The next morning we were all feeling a little rough and I wasn’t too excited about squeezing back into the van for the drive home. On the way out of Athens we stopped at a local liquor store for some Tropicalia, Several members of our group bought CASES of the Creature Comforts beer to bring back with them to Atlanta where it is so scarce.


The mini road trip was a lot of fun and and a great way to get out of the city for a little bit. I just wish we could have explored Athens a little more. I have a feeling we will be going back, so next time I’m going to insist we see more of what the city has to offer.

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