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It’s Been a Bad Week

June 20, 2019

I lived at the vet’s office this week and I am filled with worry. Lily On Monday, my 7 year old cat Lily had surgery to remove a skin growth on her shoulder. The growth had been there for 2…

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Friday Favorites: Eco-Friendly Amazon Products

June 14, 2019

Over the last couple of years I’ve made an effort to replace everyday products with ones that are more eco-friendly. My biggest goal has been to try and limit my waste, especially plastics. I’ve found some great reusable products on…

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Our Yosemite Wedding

June 9, 2019

Yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary. David and I got married on June 9, 2018 in Yosemite, California. When we got engaged, one of the first things we agreed on was that we wanted to get married in an…

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About Me

I'm Rebekah, a 30-something trying to find my way through life. This is my journey to try to figure it all out. Read More

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