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Our Trip To The North Georgia Wineries

October 5, 2013 in Atlanta - No Comments

Our Trip To The North Georgia Wineries

October 5, 2013 in Atlanta - No Comments

This weekend David and I made a trip up to the wineries in Northern Georgia. I’d been before, but he never had and we couldn’t wait for it to cool down a bit so we could go enjoy them.


Our first stop was Montaluce, my favorite of the wineries up there. It’s relatively new, but the estate is beautiful, and I think the wine is delicious. Their wines tend to be sweeter and you can taste a hint of flowers and fruit, even in the reds. I’m mostly a fan of whites myself, but they have a red that I absolutely love – their Tramonto . David and I both bought a bottle to save for a special occasion.



One of the thing’s I love about wine tasting at Montaluce is that you get to pick any 5 wines to try, white, red, or special wines. You aren’t stuck having to do an all red or an all white flight like some other wineries I have been to. This time I added their Mead to my flight list and I loved it. David not so much.



We were lucky it was such a beautiful day.




We took our wine and went for a little walk on the estate.



After Montaluce, David and I decided to head over to Wolf Mountain Winery, which is probably the most well-known of the wineries up there. I’d been before, and wasn’t very impressed, but we wanted to try one more winery before heading home. Little did we know the wine tasting room closed at 5, so heading over at 3:30 was cutting it close. Once we got there, the valet attendant told us the restaurant and wine tasting room were both full and that we would have to pull around through the parking lot to leave. That was his mistake. While driving through the parking lot, I saw 15 people leaving and decided David and I should at least try to get in. Something about me – I try to bed rules or at the very least, stretch them. David on the other hand, follows all rules exactly and does not deviate at all. When I parked the car he started to get upset and asked what I was doing since we were supposed to leave. I explained to him the valet guy would never know we hadn’t left since the entrance and exit were separate, and clearly the winery had room for us since there was a steady stream of people leaving. He continued to protest, but I ignored him, took the keys out of my ignition and started to walk toward the winery. I was getting some wine before leaving.


I knew there was an entrance for the tasting room, that was separate from the restaurant. I was not about to have a hostess turn me away, so I started walking toward the side entrance. I had to stubbornly wait for David to give in and follow me. Once we got into the tasting room, which was the least crowded I had ever seen it by the way, he started to relax. Clearly they had room for us and we weren’t doing anything we would get in trouble for.



Neither one of us enjoyed the Wolf Mountain wine as much as we had the Montaluce wine, but the view was great and we enjoyed sitting out on their balcony with a glass of wine.



If you live in the Atlanta area, or are ever visiting, I definitely recommend making the drive up to the wineries. It is a really fun day trip and completely worth the hour and fifteen minute drive

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  • Had a wonderful day at @montaluce_winery
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