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Our Trip To New England

August 20, 2013 in Travel - No Comments

David and I recently took a trip up to New England. He grew up in New England and went to college up there so he wanted to bring me home to see where he was from, meet some of his family, and meet some of his friends. David flew up a few days ahead of me, and I flew up that Thursday for the first leg of our trip.


Our first stop was a quaint old coastal town. The place was tiny and adorable. We even stopped at a cute old school little ice cream stand and got milk shakes before heading to the beach house.


It was here David decided to break the news on me. When he sad previously said “beach house” before our trip, I pictured a cute little house, not too fancy, by the beach. I hadn’t thought twice of it. Now when we were less than two miles away he started using the term “beach cottage” and said he had a something he needed to tell me. In my head I told myself it must be some rule about shoes in the house or tracking in sand. I was way off. David took the moment right before we got to the beach house to tell me there was no indoor shower and that if you wanted hot water to wash your hands or face, you would have to go outside to the bathroom on the porch. NO INDOOR SHOWER Y’ALL! I stood there laughing, sure he was playing a joke on me to test me. We had only been dating two months at this point and maybe he wanted to see how I would handle a curve ball. NOPE. he was serious. The beach cottage was built in 1911 and is much the same as it was then. I’m not kidding. And to be honest, that’s what was so awesome about it. It had so much personality. It even had the original fixtures.


When was the last time you saw a doorknob like this? Look at the keyhole!


It used to be a boarding house in the 1920’s so it has a ton of bedrooms upstairs. I got one of the bigger ones that had been combined from two into one by knocking the wall down between two rooms. There was a bathroom upstairs with a working toilet and sink, but only cold water. Downstairs on the back porch was another toilet with it’s own little room to one side of the porch, and across from it was the room with the sink that had hot water. Then down the stairs and around the house, through some grass, was the shower. It was added onto the house later with it’s own little entrance and room, and was actually nice, aside from my having to wear shoes to get to it.


All I could do was laugh, from the second he told me, even after he said he wasn’t joking. I’ve had to brave it before while camping for a week, bathing in streams, so this was nothing. He’s lucky I’m not a girly girl, because I know a few who would have demanded he get a hotel room for the night. I loved the cottage and all it’s charm.


After getting settled in the cottage, David and I decided to walk down to the beach. We would only be there for one night and we wanted to get as much time by the water as possible. After laying around for a bit he insisted we go for a walk. I’m more of the sleep on the beach and lounge in the water type of beach-goer but he wanted to show me where he used to explore as a kid, which I thought was adorable, so I jumped up and followed him. He led me to some rocks and insisted we walk across them around a bend. I was less than enthusiastic about the idea, not because I don’t like exploring, I love it, but because the rocks were wet and I’m a clumsy mo fo. His face dropped when I suggested we skip the rocks so I said “what the hell?” and followed. Less than a minute later I slipped on a wet rock while trying to inspect a tide pool and landed hard on my butt, banana peel style. It hurt. A lot. All David could do was laugh while trying to pick me up. I was glad at least he saw it so my pain wasn’t for nothing and someone got a laugh out of it. With my pride hurt I said “I told you the rocks were a bad idea and that was going to happen!” to which he took my hand, hugged and kissed me, and led me further along the rocks and around the bend.


We were confronted with rocks that were fully submerged in the water, most at impossible angles to stand on. To continue on our quest to where we wanted to go we would have to jump from rock to rock with the waves crashing on us. An idiotic idea. I was a tomboy as a kid and did a good bit of rock climbing. These rocks were wet and had no remotely flat surfaces to climb on. I told David no way. He tried to act like I was being a scaredy cat, to which I took offense because if there is one thing I’m not, it’s a scaredy cat in these type of situations. I’m usually the first to lead the way. However, I’m also not stupid and this was asking for an injury. He eventually agreed it was a bad idea since it was high tide. Apparently he only crossed that area when it was low tide and the water wasn’t hitting the rocks. So instead we sat there for a while enjoying each other’s company and the waves crashing. It was peaceful.


After the beach, we went out to dinner with his cousin and uncle to a great steak house, then David and I went to this casino complex that was HUGE. It was one huge complex with numerous full size casinos inside as well as a bowling alley, tons of restaurants, and shops. It was like several of the hotels in Vegas being connected. We had fun, and I think we both came out slightly ahead.


The next morning we drove to visit David’s mom, who is absolutely amazing. She was so sweet, and any nerves I had about meeting her quickly disappeared. She led us around a nearby town that had a lot of the old buildings still in tact. We saw an old axe factory, an old mill, and got to walk across an old railroad bridge. It was beautiful.


The axe factory
Beautiful view from the railroad bridge


After visiting with David’s mom, it was time to drive to Boston the next morning. We stopped on the way to grab lunch with one of his close friends, but were late because I was so miserably hung over and sick from the champagne his mom had opened the night before. After lunch I started feeling a lot better, and once we got to Boston, I was ready to go explore. I LOVE Boston. I went up there years ago to look at law schools and fell in love. I hadn’t been back since and was really excited to explore the city again.


We went and walked around Newbury Street, which I loved. We saw a cupcake place with a line literally outside the door. David figured that meant it must be delicious and insisted we wait in said line. Turns out it was Georgetown Cupcakes, which is based in DC and I guess is on TLC. That explained the line. They had so many flavors, we had a tough time choosing but each got two to try out.I’m kind of a vanilla addict so I went with Vanilla Birthday and Vanilla2. David got the Chocolate Ganache and Mint Cookies & Cream.

Next we headed to Faneuil Hall. David surprised me with a ghost tour. Something about me – I LOVE ghost tours and try to do them in every city I visit. Not only do the paranormal stories fascinate me, you also get a really neat history lesson in the process. This was David’s first and he was clearly skeptical, only doing the tour to make me happy. Turns out he actually liked it. He said the history was really interesting because you don’t realize you may be standing right where the British fired during the Boston Massacre when your in the entrance to a subway station, or that Boston Commons has huge mass graves under it that were used to bury people that were hanged. In Boston Commons, at the site where the hanging elm used to stand there is a plaque. Our tour guide did a neat little trick where he turned his flashlight off, laid it on the plaque, and let us ask questions to the ghosts there. They would answer by turning the light on. I’m a cautious believer, and thought it was pretty amazing. I saw David was fascinated and wanted to believe, but was still skeptical.


View of the Capital during the ghost tour


After the ghost tour we walked to meet one of David’s friends at David’s favorite beer spot in Boston – Boston Beer Works. They have delicious fruit infused beers, of which I am always a big fan. I went with the watermelon beer (I loved it), and David got his favorite blueberry beer. That beer is the reason we went to Boston Beer Works. Apparently the blueberries are from Maine and they even bounce around in the carbonation. I thought it was pretty cute and it tasted good too.

The next day I had to head back to Atlanta and reality. I had an amazing time in New England, meeting David’s family, meeting his friends, seeing where he is from, and enjoying all the history. It was a great weekend.

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