Our Proposal Story

I am so happy to share that David and I got engaged this past weekend during a magical trip to Burlington, Vermont.


Going into the trip I suspected that he might be planning to propose. He’d taken me to look at rings in December to get an idea of what I wanted, so I knew a proposal was on the horizon. However, going into the trip I didn’t want to let myself believe that it would happen. I didn’t want to spend the entire trip anticipating it rather than enjoying the moment.


Friday had been my day to plan and I chose snowboarding. David got to plan Saturday and he told me we were going to some local breweries. So on Saturday, we headed out of Burlington towards the mountains. He told me he wanted to go to Stowe Mountain Resort before the first brewery and take a gondola to the top. He said he’d heard the view was beautiful. That was when I started to get suspicious, but I went with it.


When we got to Stowe Mountain, we started to walk into the lodge, but David had to go back because he forgot something in the car. He eventually joined me in the lodge and we bought the gondola tickets. At the top of the summit, where it was 8 degrees, he told me to stay warm in the restaurant while he went to scope out the best view.


When he came back, he led me to a spot that was out of the way of the skiers and snowboarders, but that offered a perfect view.


We're Getting Married!


We stood there for a few minutes talking, but when the conversation started to take a tender and loving turn, I knew what was about to happen.


We're Getting Married!


We're Getting Married!


I was so overcome with joy, all I could do was fall down into the snow and hug him.


We're Getting Married!
I’ve never felt such absolute happiness before and I was so overcome with emotion that I could not stop crying.


Immediately after proposing, David told me our friends Adam and Tracy drove SEVEN hours and braved the temperatures at the top of the mountain to document the entire proposal. I was so touched and overwhelmed that they went to such lengths so that we could have this incredible moment captured on film. David also told me our friend Steve had called the hotel to get our room upgraded to a suite in honor of our engagement. I was again touched by the love and thoughtfulness of our friends.


Since it was really cold at the summit, David, Adam, Tracy, and I took a gondola to the bottom of the mountain to pop a bottle of champagne and toast to our engagement.


We're Getting Married!


We're Getting Married!



Once at the bottom of the mountain, Adam and Tracy pulled out a bottle of champagne and personalized flutes that David had secretly given to them.




While we were walking back to the car, David shared with me that when we had first got to the mountain, he had run back to the car so that he could call my mom and ask her permission to propose to me. He’d already asked my dad in person over Christmas, but hadn’t been able to pull both my parents away at the same time without my noticing. He wanted to be sure my mom was included before he asked me. I started crying again.


After leaving the mountain, the four of us headed to some local breweries to celebrate and then to a nice dinner on Church Street in Burlington.


The proposal was more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined. The beautiful scenery, being able to share it with friends, and the outpouring of love from David made it absolutely perfect.

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