Goodbye Condo

After being on the market for about 6 months, I finally sold my condo and had the closing last week!

I loved that condo and I spent 3 very happy years there. The condo was MY space that I owned and was a symbol of my becoming an actual adult. It was in the center of Buckhead and close to all the places and events a 20 or 30-something could ever want to attend. It was 3 miles from work so I never had to battle rush hour traffic. But as life changes, we often outgrow our spaces, and David and I outgrew that condo. We decided it was time to move into a house so we could have more space and a yard.

Since my building had a rental cap, and a wait list of 5 years to rent out your property (I’m not kidding), it sat empty after I had moved out in June. David and I found and bought a house we loved, and I wasn’t going to miss that opportunity because I had a condo that was sitting on the market. Since I couldn’t get any rental income to cover the expenses of the condo, you can imagine what a relief it is to be rid of the financial responsibility of paying for a place that I wasn’t living in. I feel a strange sense of freedom at not having to worry about the property anymore. It became such a burden over the past 6 months and I felt nothing but joy at singing it over to the buyer on Thursday. I feel like an immense weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am so happy.

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