Friday Five

1| I started reading Big Little Lies last night and I can’t put it down. I was instantly hooked on the show from the first episode and decided to read the book before watching any more episodes. Books are usually better than their TV or movie adaptions and waiting a week between episodes was killing me. I have no doubt I will be done with the book before episode 3 airs.


Friday Five


2| I have a new favorite podcast – Missing Richard Simmons. I found it last week and after bingeing the 2 available episodes, I couldn’t wait for the 3rd one this week. You have to go listen to it, even if you think you don’t care about Richard Simmons. It follows a friend of Richard Simmons who is trying to find or get in contact with the eccentric fitness guru after Richard became a recluse in 2014. The podcast tells fascinating stories about Richard and it really sucks you into the mystery of why he suddenly retreated from everyone and everything he loved.


Friday Five


3| This week, while cleaning out some drawers I found my Foreo Luna that I thought I’d lost in our move two years ago. I was so excited to be reunited and start using it again. I’d forgotten what a great job it does of removing makeup.


Friday Five


4| After a long hunt, I finally found my perfect everyday lipstick shade! Native by Urban Decay is my lipstick soulmate and I hope they never discontinue it.


Friday Five
5| After spending a lot of time in airports over the last two months, I’ve seen a lot of travelers carrying the Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack and I’ve fallen in love. I realize it’s been out for years, but I live under a rock apparently. I currently carry a huge purse to fit all my stuff, and lugging it around on the train and walking around Midtown to work everyday isn’t ideal. This backpack would be a perfect alternative since it’s big enough for my all my crap while also looking a little more adult than a traditional Jansport style backpack. I’m waiting for the spring line to come out in hopes that they will have more feminine color options that don’t include florals. Fingers crossed.


Friday Five

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  • I LOVED BLL. I read the book last summer and recommended it to everyone I knew! They’ve adapted the miniseries very well and I love watching each week!

    And my husband has that backpack! He loves it. It’s super popular where he works – a ton of people have them.

    • I can’t wait to read her other books after I finish BLL!

      I’ve been seeing them everywhere all of a sudden, but after researching them I found out they they have been popular for a while. I really hope they have fun spring colors!

      • YES! BLL is the only one I’ve read but I definitely want to read more from her!

  • I have had my eye on a Herschel for ages! I’m not into lipstick, but that shade is really pretty! A great neutral. Happy Friday!

    • I’m really hoping they come out with some brighter colors for spring. I missed the boat on a two-toned pink on they had around Christmas and all my other bags are grey or black. I want something with more personality.

  • ahhhh i’m ready Big Little Lies too! also i LOVE that backpack. i’m gonna need one of those.

    • They had a super cute two-tone pink one over Christmas, but I’m not cool and didn’t know about the bags then. Of course they don’t make them anymore since it’s a color from a previous season.

  • Oh, I’m going to check out that lipstick! I’ve been searching for a perfect neutral for spring / summer and that shade looks very pretty.

  • I started reading Big Little Lies too! My plan is to avoid the show (it’s so hard!!) until I’ve finished the book.

    • That’s my plan also, but the weekend has been so busy that I haven’t been able to get much reading done. Meanwhile I got all excited since the new episode airs tonight, but got sad when I remembered I want to finish the book first.

  • I LOVED Big Little Lies!! So good!

  • I’ve been trying to tell myself to read Big Little Lies. I loved the first episode and haven’t watched the second one yet. Maybe I should start reading it before going forward. How do you feel now watching the first episode, do you think the book is better?

    • The first episode was so close to the book, but you definitely get more background info on the characters in the book. I don’t know if that’s good or bad – I like knowing more and having more in depth character development, but having less background makes the show a bit more mysterious.

  • Melissa Fitch

    I love Liane Moriarty’s books! We don’t have HBO though :(. Hope you’re having a terrific weekend!

    • I’m loving this one so much, I can’t wait to read her others. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend too!

  • I love the shade of that lipstick!

  • I need to try that Missing Richard Simmons podcast! Sounds very interesting! I want to read Big Little Lies — I love her other books!

    • When I first heard about it, I wasn’t interested, but then a podcast I really love vouched for it beyond just advertising it so I gave it a listen. It really is interesting and entertaining. I involves so many characters.

  • That lipstick is great! Cute backpack.