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DIY Fold-Over Elastic Hair Ties

September 6, 2016 in Beauty, DIY - No Comments

DIY Fold-Over Elastic Hair TiesI’ve been using the fold-over elastic hair ties for years now and I love them. They are gentler on your hair than traditional hair ties and minimize hair breakage. The only thing is, I always lose them, often to one of the cats the like to steal them. I decided instead of paying $5 for 5 hair ties, I’d spend $5 and make 20 myself.

I ordered 5 yards from Elastic by the Yard. They have so many color options that I had such a hard time deciding which ones to pick. In the past I have ordered fun, bright colors, but this time I went with a muted champagne color that will blend with my hair. 5 yards was only $1.99 and shipping was $2.54, which is about what 5 hair ties will cost you at Target.

DIY Fold-Over Elastic Hair Ties

To make the hair ties all you do is cut 9 inch pieces of the elastic (so 4 to a yard), fold each piece in half, and tie the lose end in a knot. You can play around with how tight you make the hair tie so yours fit the width of your hair and aren’t too tight or too loose when you tie your hair back.

You could also make a headband instead by cutting larger pieces of the elastic. Just cut 18 inch pieces instead of 9 inch pieces, or play around to find the right length for your head.

DIY Fold-Over Elastic Hair TiesFor me to make all 20 only took about 10 minutes. I don’t think I’ll be running low on hair ties any time soon!

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