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An Easy Way to Help Shelter Animals

September 9, 2019 in DIY, Pets - No Comments

An Easy Way to Help Shelter Animals

September 9, 2019 in DIY, Pets - No Comments

An Easy Way to Help Shelter Animals

As someone with 5 rescue animals, it is really important to me to support my local animal shelters. There are the crucial ways to support shelters like donating money, food, toys, old towels and blankets, or by giving your time volunteering. They are all important types of donations that help keep shelters running. If you are crafty, you can also donate quick and easy to knit blankets.

In the past I was an avid knitter. Knitting was an easy activity that helped keep me calm during my worst periods of anxiety. It helped me get outside my head and gave me something else to focus on.

Over the years I’d collected a large stockpile of yarn that was taking up space in my craft closet. I decided to try and find a good project to use up all that yarn and I stumbled upon Comfort for Critters. They provide a list of shelters by state that accept knitted or crocheted blankets. They also provide easy patterns and size recommendations.

I quickly got to work knitting simple knit stitch blankets for our local shelters. I called the shelters first to make sure they accept the blankets and to see what sizes they needed most. The blankets were very quick and easy to make. I’d work on them whenever I’d sit down to watch tv and in a couple weeks I had a handful to go drop off.

The shelter was so thankful and assured me they would provide some much-needed comfort to the animals while they waited for their forever homes. The blankets fit in the bottom of the cages and are a soft surface for dogs and cats to lay on. Plus if their new owner’s want them, they can take them with them when they get adopted.

For the past year I’ve continued to work on blankets and make drop offs every couple months. It’s been incredibly fulfilling to know I’m providing a small comfort to those animals.

If you have some old yarn laying around, this is a great way to put it to good use.

If you’ve ever been interested in learning to knit, this is a great way to start. The dogs and cats don’t care if their blankets are pretty or perfect. They are just happy to have a soft blanket. Contact one of your local shelters and find out what size blankets they need.

If you want to learn to knit the 3 basic techniques you need are casting on, the basic knit stitch, and casting off. I’ve linked tutorials to a channel that I’ve used to learn a lot of techniques.

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