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June 2017

What I’m Currently Watching (And a Giveaway)

Anne with an E | I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables with my sister. It was our go-to when we were home sick. When Anne with an E popped up on Netflix I was so excited. I rationed my watching to make it last longer and still finished the 7 episodes in 3 days. This remake had a fresh approach to the story that was darker and more gritty than the older version I grew up with. It kept me interested and watching as an adult, despite already knowing the story.



Silicon Valley | I only recently started watching Silicon Valley a few months ago when I caught up on all the old seasons on HBO. I held off for so long because I didn’t think a show about a bunch of guys in the tech world would interest me. I was wrong. It’s hilarious and quickly became one of my favorite shows. I can’t decide who I love more: Richard, Erlich, or Jared. Probably Jared.



Call The Midwife | I’ve always been a big fan of this show even though just about every episode makes me cry. I hadn’t watched the last two seasons after getting rid of cable, but when I saw season 5 pop up on Netflix, I dove back in, then I binged season 6 on the PBS Roku channel. Many tears were shed.



House of Cards | Duh. Bring on the Underwoods. Anything to take my mind of the current administration. Plus I have a total girl crush on Claire.



Orange Is the New Black | Duh again. And the new season is now on Netflix! The finale of last season was such a cliffhanger that I can’t wait to sit down and start watching. Unfortunately I have so much going on this weekend that I doubt I’ll be able to do a proper binge. I still haven’t even finished the new season of House of Cards. I really need to step up my Netflix game.



Which shows are you into right now?


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