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June 2016

Saratoga Springs

This past weekend David and I made a trip up to Saratoga Springs for one of his best friend’s weddings. It was my first time in Saratoga Springs and I loved the little city that was so full of charm. The streets were lined with grand old Victorian houses and the little downtown area was made up of adorable shops, restaurants, and bars.


On Thursday we got into town and met up with everyone at one of the local bars. It was great to catch up with everyone. On Friday, the day of the wedding, David and I went out and found a cute little place for breakfast, then he was off to see to his groomsman duties. I spent most of the day sleeping off all the beer I’d had the night before and grabbed coffee with the wife of one of the other groomsmen.


The wedding was absolutely beautiful and we had so much fun that I only managed to take one super grainy picture. David has a great, close-knit group of friends and hanging out with them and their significant others is always a great time.


Saratoga Springs

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