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February 2016

“They Made My Feet Look Fat”

Image from Unsplash by Kyle Anderson

Image from Unsplash by Kyle Anderson


The other day I was doing some online shopping looking for a new pair of black ballet flats for work. I gave up wearing heels years ago when I switched to a job that doesn’t require that I wear a suit every day. Now I just try to make sure I find a pair of flats that look work appropriate and that I can wear all day with minimal discomfort.


I was browsing the reviews on a site for a pair of shoes that caught my eye and the first review I saw said something along the lines of “These shoes were so cute online and they were really comfortable to wear, but they made my feet look fat when I put them on so I had to return them.” All I could think was “REALLY?! That’s something I need to consider when buying shoes now?!” I don’t know about you, but for me, finding a pair of shoes that are not only cute but also comfortable is so rare that I couldn’t imagine passing them up.