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October 2013

Our Trip to Chattanooga

This past weekend David and I made a day trip to Chattanooga. It is only 1 hour and 45 minutes from Atlanta so we figured we could squeeze the trip all into one day.


It was David’s idea to take the trip and he planned everything. I was pretty sure he was up to something. Our first stop was Ruby Falls. I wasn’t really sure what Ruby Falls was except for an underwater waterfall. Turns out you have to trek through a cave system, ending up 1,120 feet underground. This if not for people who do not enjoy tight spaces or being underground. It is a claustrophobic’s nightmare. I’m generally not claustrophobic, but the idea of being so deep underground made me pretty uneasy the entire time we were down there. Despite my unease, the walk through the cave was absolutely worth it. Ruby Falls was beautiful.



It’s the largest known underground waterfall at 145 feet high and it was breathtaking. The lights they use definitely helped, because before they turned them on for us, it was pitch black in the cavern.


After seeing the falls I was speeding my way through the cave to get back to the elevator and above ground as fast as possible. I totally left David in my dust while he was stopping to take pictures.


After Ruby Falls we had about two hours before our dinner reservations so we decided to go see the Incline Railway since it would take less time than Rock City. The Incline Railway is basically a train car that goes down the mountain at a very steep incline. In fact, it is the steepest incline railway in the world. I am a huge fan of roller coasters, but this made me uneasy because it moved so slow. It was like going over the edge of a big drop on a roller coaster but going less than 10 mph while doing it. The ride down provided great views, but we had to ride it back up to get back to our car. The ride up was definitely worse than the ride up. You start out with very little incline, then as it slowly climbs up the mountain you feel yourself being pulled forward in your seat by gravity. I could not get out of the car fast enough once we got to the top.



I’m really not a scaredy cat, and am actually usually an adrenaline junky. However. apparently the fear of a cave-in and an old rickety train car fighting gravity scare me. After the incline David and I grabbed dinner and then it was off to my surprise.


Turns out David was up to something – he surprised me with a ghost tour. One thing about me – I LOVE ghost tours (see, not a total scaredy cat). I enjoy learning the history of the city and getting the creepy scary stories along with it. I made him do his first ghost tour with me up in Boston, and he actually enjoyed it. Plus, he knows how much I love them and he figured Chattanooga would have some good haunted history. He sprung the surprise on me while we were driving up to Chattanooga, and all day I could not wait for out tour. We did our tour through Chattanooga Ghost Tours and our guide was Hope. I highly recommend both. She was great! She takes the paranormal seriously, has had some crazy experiences, and even works in full costume which I appreciate. Our first stop was this big haunted mansion. She encouraged us to take pictures because people on the tours often get images of people in the windows. Three people in our group got really creepy and convincing photos on their iPhones of what were clearly human figures in the windows. I loved it.


Most of the tour wasn’t actually scary, just a little creepy and interesting. However the parking deck below was the one place I could not wait to get away from. David made me stand there for the picture when all I wanted to do was run away. I know you’re thinking “how is a parking deck scary?” Well it is the site of what used to be an undertakers office in the 1800’s and is on the original level of the old city before they built it up to avoid flooding. This is also the only stop on our tour that scared our tour guide because of her experiences there. Call me naive, but I believe in ghosts, or at least the occurrences of something paranormal that I can’t explain, and I believed her stories. David not so much, but he still enjoyed the tour and found it interesting. Plus it was perfect timing with Halloween so close. I absolutely loved the ghost tour.



We got back to my place pretty late and my back was killing me. David suggested I take a hot bubble bath to soak my muscles. I’m a big bubble bath fan so I did not hesitate to jump at the chance for a nice relaxing soak. Little did I know he was up to something while I was in the bath and he used the ghost tour surprise to get me off the scent of the real surprise. I’m very difficult to pull a surprise on. I always guess what it is before it is unveiled and it drives him crazy. This time though he got me. I was so sure he was up to something, but when he told me about the ghost tour I was sure that was it. Turns out I was wrong. When I got out of the bath, David was in bed, and my bedroom door was shut, which was odd because we never shut my door. I asked him why my door was shut and he said “Oh no reason.” Then I heard an odd blowing noise that sounded like my air conditioning was on at full speed. I was confused because it was less than 40 degrees outside and I was sure I’d turned my air off. I asked him what that sound was and he said “Oh nothing.” I knew he was definitely up to something at that point and the sound was coming from the other side of my bedroom door. When I opened it I stood there in complete and utter shock.



David had bought me and set up a 5 foot inflatable Halloween Hello Kitty. I am obsessed with Hello Kitty and have been since about age 3. I never grew out of it.


He set her up and had her waiting for me when I got out of the bath. He also attached a card to her that was the absolute sweetest card I have every received. I was absolutely speechless, which rarely ever happens – I always have something to say. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have someone in my life that is so thoughtful, sweet, and cares so much about me. Sorry for being mushy, but I am so thankful to have him in my life. And yes, he really does exist, he just requested that pictures of him not be included on my blog, and I completely respect his privacy. That’s why there are no pictures of the two of us in any of my posts.
All in all it was a fantastic trip!


The Time We Went To The Pumpkin Patch

Over the last couple weeks David has been raving about a pumpkin patch he heard about from some friends. We finally found time to go this weekend and it was a blast. Yule Forest is in Stockbridge, Georgia, just outside Atlanta. It took us about 30 minutes to get there and was absolutely worth the drive, so if you are in the Atlanta area I definitely recommend going.


We went on Saturday afternoon once I’d started to feel better from my food poisoning. It was a bit drizzly, so some of the attractions were closed, but neither of us was too upset we couldn’t jump in the bouncy castle.


We took an interesting, but fun hayride, complete with wooden cutouts of just about every cartoon character you can think of. It took us through a wooded area, and ended at the a petting zoo. Usually petting zoos make me sad because the animals are in tiny little cages, look miserable, and are allowed to be abused by children who don’t understand how to be gentle. This petting zoo was actually a working farm, the animals had large areas to roam and seemed happy. Plus they could get away from not-so-nice kids. I love animals of all types, and spent a lot of time as a kid at horse stables, so I feel pretty at home on an animal farm. I loved the petting zoo. Poor David was patient while I had to make sure to visit and feed every animal. My favorites were definitely the goats. Goats always make me laugh and are such funny little creatures.


This guy clearly has the same taste in purses that I do.


This one tried to eat (steal) my bracelet.


There was also a cow, miniature donkeys, miniature horses, three full size horses, pigs, chickens, and an emu. The Emu is the only animal I wouldn’t go near. I hear they can be aggressive, spit, and peck pretty hard. Plus I thought he was eying me funny, so I kept my distance.


The Shifty Looking Emu


I really miss riding and being around horses.


I LOVE chickens and these ones were so funny looking!


This guy had amazing bangs.


One of the things I was most excited to see at Yule Forest after visiting the website and reading the reviews was the talking chickens. They advertise a talking chicken show, and since I love chickens, I couldn’t wait to find out what a talking chicken show was. I was so excited, I kept trying to get David to guess with me what it could be the whole way there. I assumed it was probably a bunch of chickens that had been trained to do tricks and bawk on command. I was sadly mistaken.



Turns out the talking chicken show is this creepy little shack with dead stuffed chickens and a creepy mannequin that talk out of speakers. Seriously?! To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I didn’t even want to get close enough to take this picture I was so creeped out but David made me after all the talk he heard about the talking chicken show leading up to this moment.



Next, it was time to finally go pick our pumpkin. Yule Forest is apparently the only pumpkin patch in Georgia where you can actually go through the patch and cut your own pumpkin off the vine. It was a fun experience. The patch was pretty big and to find a good pumpkin we ended up having to trek through the vines. David of course had to have the PERFECT pumpkin so I let him pick one out that met his standards.



Our pumpkin on the vine. I let David cut it, since I had no interest in touching the stem with all the tiny little thorns.



Our pumpkin! We named him Jimbo. Now we just have to figure out what to carve into him. I voted for a Hello Kitty Halloween stencil (obviously the best choice) but realized that wasn’t fair since Jimbo is half David’s pumpkin also. They told us to wait until next weekend to carve it if we want to it last through Halloween, so we have a week to decide.


After the pumpkin patch, David and I watched FSU DESTROY Clemson, which only made my day better.


All, in all, it was a great weekend

Atlanta, Fall

Our Trip To The North Georgia Wineries

This weekend David and I made a trip up to the wineries in Northern Georgia. I’d been before, but he never had and we couldn’t wait for it to cool down a bit so we could go enjoy them.


Our first stop was Montaluce, my favorite of the wineries up there. It’s relatively new, but the estate is beautiful, and I think the wine is delicious. Their wines tend to be sweeter and you can taste a hint of flowers and fruit, even in the reds. I’m mostly a fan of whites myself, but they have a red that I absolutely love – their Tramonto . David and I both bought a bottle to save for a special occasion.



One of the thing’s I love about wine tasting at Montaluce is that you get to pick any 5 wines to try, white, red, or special wines. You aren’t stuck having to do an all red or an all white flight like some other wineries I have been to. This time I added their Mead to my flight list and I loved it. David not so much.



We were lucky it was such a beautiful day.




We took our wine and went for a little walk on the estate.



After Montaluce, David and I decided to head over to Wolf Mountain Winery, which is probably the most well-known of the wineries up there. I’d been before, and wasn’t very impressed, but we wanted to try one more winery before heading home. Little did we know the wine tasting room closed at 5, so heading over at 3:30 was cutting it close. Once we got there, the valet attendant told us the restaurant and wine tasting room were both full and that we would have to pull around through the parking lot to leave. That was his mistake. While driving through the parking lot, I saw 15 people leaving and decided David and I should at least try to get in. Something about me – I try to bed rules or at the very least, stretch them. David on the other hand, follows all rules exactly and does not deviate at all. When I parked the car he started to get upset and asked what I was doing since we were supposed to leave. I explained to him the valet guy would never know we hadn’t left since the entrance and exit were separate, and clearly the winery had room for us since there was a steady stream of people leaving. He continued to protest, but I ignored him, took the keys out of my ignition and started to walk toward the winery. I was getting some wine before leaving.


I knew there was an entrance for the tasting room, that was separate from the restaurant. I was not about to have a hostess turn me away, so I started walking toward the side entrance. I had to stubbornly wait for David to give in and follow me. Once we got into the tasting room, which was the least crowded I had ever seen it by the way, he started to relax. Clearly they had room for us and we weren’t doing anything we would get in trouble for.



Neither one of us enjoyed the Wolf Mountain wine as much as we had the Montaluce wine, but the view was great and we enjoyed sitting out on their balcony with a glass of wine.



If you live in the Atlanta area, or are ever visiting, I definitely recommend making the drive up to the wineries. It is a really fun day trip and completely worth the hour and fifteen minute drive