Goat Yoga

This weekend I tried something new – goat yoga. It was fantastic.


The class was put on by Megan at Red Wagon Goats. Her and her partner own a goat landscaping company and Megan is also a yoga instructor. I love goats and I really enjoy yoga, so I jumped at the chance to take the class.


As I’d expected, the class was a mix of chaos and humor. If you love snuggling baby goats with some yoga on the side, this class is for you. Anyone seeking a serious yoga class would probably be annoyed.


During the class, one of the babies came up and started chewing on my hair. Then he nuzzled me, looked into my eyes, and bit my nose. He was so little that it didn’t hurt, and he was so cute and cuddly, I wouldn’t have cared if it did.


Goat Yoga


I don’t know the last time I laughed so hard. Trying to do serious yoga poses while a herd of goats roams around the mats requires a level of concentration I don’t have. They tried to eat everything, chased each other around, one kept sneezing, and a few laid down on the mats. The babies tried to snuggle with everyone. Miraculously, some yoga was actually accomplished.


Goat yoga surpassed all my expectations. Yes, it was chaotic. Yes, laying down in corpse pose while goats run by might have been a bit nerve-wracking, but I left the class with a huge smile on my face and a feeling of pure happiness. I wish I’d also left with one of the baby goats tucked under my arm.


Goat Yoga


What I’m Currently Watching (And a Giveaway)

Anne with an E | I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables with my sister. It was our go-to when we were home sick. When Anne with an E popped up on Netflix I was so excited. I rationed my watching to make it last longer and still finished the 7 episodes in 3 days. This remake had a fresh approach to the story that was darker and more gritty than the older version I grew up with. It kept me interested and watching as an adult, despite already knowing the story.



Silicon Valley | I only recently started watching Silicon Valley a few months ago when I caught up on all the old seasons on HBO. I held off for so long because I didn’t think a show about a bunch of guys in the tech world would interest me. I was wrong. It’s hilarious and quickly became one of my favorite shows. I can’t decide who I love more: Richard, Erlich, or Jared. Probably Jared.



Call The Midwife | I’ve always been a big fan of this show even though just about every episode makes me cry. I hadn’t watched the last two seasons after getting rid of cable, but when I saw season 5 pop up on Netflix, I dove back in, then I binged season 6 on the PBS Roku channel. Many tears were shed.



House of Cards | Duh. Bring on the Underwoods. Anything to take my mind of the current administration. Plus I have a total girl crush on Claire.



Orange Is the New Black | Duh again. And the new season is now on Netflix! The finale of last season was such a cliffhanger that I can’t wait to sit down and start watching. Unfortunately I have so much going on this weekend that I doubt I’ll be able to do a proper binge. I still haven’t even finished the new season of House of Cards. I really need to step up my Netflix game.



Which shows are you into right now?


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Taking My Head Out of the Sand

For the last 8 months I’ve been like an ostrich with my head in the sand. I’ve been told that’s a myth, that they don’t actually do that, but I certainly do.

I’ve shared in the past that I have anxiety. It comes an goes. I can go months not thinking about it. I’ll even start to forget that heavy feeling of dread that starts in my chest that makes it impossible to catch my breath. Then out of no where, it’s back, sitting on my shoulder like one of those cartoon angels or devils. For the last 8 months it has been firmly by my side.

When I’m in the middle of one of my high anxiety episodes, everything in life is too overwhelming. Anything can set me over the edge to a full panic attack that can take days to recover from. So I pull back from life and try to only do what is absolutely necessary. I pull back from most of my social life. The thought of having to go out, put on a cheery face, and be “on” is too daunting and emotionally draining. During these periods I also lose all creativity – with the exception of knitting. I do a lot of knitting when I’m anxious because it helps me get outside my head.

For the last few months I haven’t had anything that I thought was worth sharing on this blog, let alone the energy to maintain it. But in the last week, I’ve had new ideas popping into my head, and I’ve been excited to come back to this space. So if you’re reading this, thank you for coming back after my long absence and taking the time to read this post. I appreciate it.

I’m coming to terms with a lot of the things that have been contributing to my anxiety and I’m finally able to catch my breath again. I’m ready to take my head out of the sand.


Book Review: The Kind Worth Killing

Book Review: The Kind Worth Killing


I found The Kind Worth Killing through Goodreads while on the eternal search for the next great book to read. I love a good thriller and this book did not disappoint.


The Kind Worth Killing opens with two strangers, Ted and Lily, talking at an airport bar while waiting for their flight. The conversation continues on the flight and Ted shares that he is convinced that his wife, Miranda, is having and affair. He jokes that he would like to kill her and Lily tells him he should.

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My First Time Scuba Diving


The sudden warm weather has me wishing I was sitting on a beach. I’d love to take a trip down to Florida this summer so that I can get my scuba diving certification. I went for the first time 5 years ago in Cozumel, Mexico and I absolutely fell in love with the sport.


I was on the cruise with friends and I was the only one from our group that wasn’t a certified diver. They were all going to spend the day on a dive so I decided to sign up for the beginner discovery dive that the cruise offered. I’d never really considered going scuba diving before, but since Cozumel has some of the clearest and most desirable waters for diving, I thought it’d be a shame to miss out on the opportunity. Being able to experience the ocean from below the surface, rather than above it, was enticing.

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Five on Friday

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m excited to share that I’m this week’s HF4F featured blogger! Be sure to go link up!


1| You Must Remember This – I’ve been a big fan of the You Must Remember This Podcast for about two years. The podcast details the lives of iconic film stars and the host Karina Longworth does a phenomenal job of pulling you into the story. This season she is covering famous blond actresses that died young and tragically and I couldn’t recommend it more.


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Friday Five

1| I started reading Big Little Lies last night and I can’t put it down. I was instantly hooked on the show from the first episode and decided to read the book before watching any more episodes. Books are usually better than their TV or movie adaptions and waiting a week between episodes was killing me. I have no doubt I will be done with the book before episode 3 airs.


Friday Five

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Our Wedding Venue Dilemma


David and I have been engaged for a month and half and still have no idea what we are doing for our wedding. I know we have time to figure it out, but since we are both in our 30’s and want kids someday, I feel pressure to get things moving and at least figure out a  venue and a date.


Neither David or I have any close ties to our state of Georgia. I grew up in California and he grew up in the Northeast. We just moved here for  work and we don’t really want to get married here. Additionally, the majority of our wedding guests are from out of town and would have to travel regardless of where we chose to have a wedding, so we figured why not have it somewhere else? The one thing we both agree on is that we want a destination wedding in the mountains.

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Our Proposal Story

I am so happy to share that David and I got engaged this past weekend during a magical trip to Burlington, Vermont.


Going into the trip I suspected that he might be planning to propose. He’d taken me to look at rings in December to get an idea of what I wanted, so I knew a proposal was on the horizon. However, going into the trip I didn’t want to let myself believe that it would happen. I didn’t want to spend the entire trip anticipating it rather than enjoying the moment.


Friday had been my day to plan and I chose snowboarding. David got to plan Saturday and he told me we were going to some local breweries. So on Saturday, we headed out of Burlington towards the mountains. He told me he wanted to go to Stowe Mountain Resort before the first brewery and take a gondola to the top. He said he’d heard the view was beautiful. That was when I started to get suspicious, but I went with it.

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Burlington, Here We Come


Today David and I are heading up to Burlington, Vermont for our first trip of the year. We’ve been to Burlington before, but the small little town has a special place in both our hearts so we enjoy going back, especially in winter. It’s a beautiful winter wonderland.


I’m really excited for this trip because we are going snowboarding on one of the days we will be up there. In high school I lived close to a mountain and went snowboarding regularly during the winter. I was so excited to break out my board from when I was a teenager and that I’ll get to ride it tomorrow. I haven’t gone snowboarding in about 15 years, so hopefully I don’t wind up in a cast.


The rest of the trip isn’t fully planned, but we will visit some nearby breweries and make an obligatory stop at Ben & Jerry’s. I can’t wait to just walk down Church street and enjoy the local atmosphere.


I’ll be posting a lot of the trip on Sanpchat if you want to follow along here